Shermo:A general code for calculating molecular thermodynamic properties

Latest version:2.6 (First release: 2024-Feb-11)


Dr. Tian Lu (Contact: sobereva[at] Beijing Kein Research Center for Natural Sciences, China)

If you encountered any difficulty in using Shermo, or you have found bug, or you have any suggestion on improving Shermo, please feel free to contact me!

Note: There is a nice online version of Shermo maintained by Stevan Armaković: After uploading a file, you will quickly obtain result from the webpage. Please contact corresponding developer if you have any relevant question.


If Shermo is utilized in your work, the following paper must be cited in your article:

Tian Lu, Qinxue Chen, Shermo: A general code for calculating molecular thermodynamic properties, Comput. Theor. Chem., 1200, 113249 (2021) DOI: 10.1016/j.comptc.2021.113249

If you do not have permission to access the above paper, see preprint version DOI: 10.26434/chemrxiv.12278801, but please cite the above one.


Manual: Shermo_manual_2.6.pdf. Many examples and introduction of background knowledge of thermochemistry calculation can also be found in the manual.

Executable file: (including executable files of Windows and Linux platforms with manual)

Source code (in Fortran):

Quickly getting start

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Introduction of Shermo

What is Shermo?

Shermo program is a free, general, very easy-to-use and flexible code for calculating molecular thermochemistry data based on ideal gas assumption. Although most quantum chemistry programs have their own codes used to calculate thermochemistry data after performing frequency analysis, their functionalities are very limited, and usually their outputs are inconvenient to read, especially for beginners. The aim of developing Shermo is making calculation of various basic and some advanced thermochemistry data as convenient as possible, and meantime providing deeper insight into their components.

Features of Shermo

Update History

2024-Feb-11: Version 2.6. g98.out file outputted by vibrational analysis task of xtb is supported to calculate thermodynamic data. See Section 2.4 of manual for detail.

2024-Feb-3: Version 2.5. Small imaginary frequencies are allowed to be treated as real frequencies when calculating thermodynamic data for situations with small imaginary frequencies, see Section A.4 of manual on discussion about this treatment. Correspondingly, a new parameter "imagreal" is added to settings.ini, imaginary frequencies with norm smaller than this value (usually 100 cm-1) will be treated as real frequencies.

2024-Jan-31: Updated version 2.4.2. Fixed a bug that point group cannot be specified directly with argument "-PGlabel" in command-line mode.
Version 2.4.2. Fixed a bug for ilowfreq=3, namely the free rotor contribution was not correctly calculated by older versions (1/2 factor is missed). Thanks Leo Lugo for reporting.

2023-Dec-6: Version 2.4.1. A new parameter "intpvib" is added to settings.ini. It makes user to customize the vibrational frequency threshold used in interpolation when ilowfreq=2 and 3. In older version, this parameter is fixed to 100 (cm^-1).

2023-Jul-8: Version 2.4. J. Comput. Chem., 44, 1807 (2023) suggests applying interpolation between harmonic oscillator and free rotor models to both entropy and internal energy to obtain better result and more consistent theory than only applying it to entropy. Now this scheme has been implemented and can be used by setting "ilowfreq" in settings.ini to 3.

2023-May-4: Version 2.3.6. Fixed minor bugs of dealing with CP2K output file. In addition, rule has changed to: when dealing with CP2K output file, if imode=1 (use for periodic systems), point group will simply be set to C1 since determining it is meaningless in this case, while for imode=0 (used for isolated systems), point group will be determined as usual to proper account for rotation contribution.

2023-Jan-21: Version 2.3.5, now compatible with CP2K 2023.1.

2022-Oct-7: Updated Version 2.3.4, fixed a bug, which causes crashing when loading ORCA output file with "usesym" keyword.

2022-Apr-1: Updated Version 2.3.4, fixed a bug of loading modmass setting from settings.ini file.

2022-Mar-24: Updated Version 2.3.4, making it compatible with CP2K 9.1.

2022-Jan-24: Version 2.3.4. Bug fixed: When dealing with multiple systems recorded in a list file, point group is only determined for the first system rather than respectively determined for each system.

2022-Jan-9: Version 2.3.3. Bug fixed: When loading frequencies from ORCA output file, if a frequency ends with "0.00", e.g. 2580.00, then frequencies cannot be correctly loaded, leading to wrong vibrational contribution.

2021-Dec-28: Version 2.3.2. "PGlabel" parameter in settings.ini now supports four-letter point group label, such as D11h.

2021-Dec-23: Version 2.3.1. Fixed a bug: When explicitly considering electronic transition contribution by defining excitation energies in .shm file, the thermal corrections to U, H, G contributed by electronic transition are incorrect.

2021-Sep-4: Version 2.3. Variation of Gibbs free energy due to concentration change from present state to specific state can be printed and automatically added to reported Gibbs free energy. See corresponding description in Section 2.3 of manual for detail and example in Section 3.8.

In addition, Shermo now can be invoked by Molclus since version ( for calculating thermodynamic data during configuration/coformation search.

2021-Jun-17: Version 2.2. New option "imode" has been added to settings.ini. When it is set to 1, then translation and rotation contributions to thermodynamic data will be ignored. This is suitable for crystal, slab and adsorbate systems.

2021-Apr-27: Version 2.1.2. Fixed a bug: Frequency analysis task of ORCA cannot be normally loaded if effective core potential is used.

2021-Apr-14: Version 2.1.1. Fixed a bug: The unit of the energy read from CP2K output file is wrong.

2021-Mar-18: Version 2.1. Source code of Shermo is now available for public download. A new section "Appendix 2: Structure and subroutines of Shermo" has been added at the end of manual to facilitate professional users to easily extend the functionality of Shermo. A video tutorial of Shermo has been presented.

2021-Feb-10: Version 2.0.8. Output file of vibrational analysis task of CP2K has been supported, see manual for detail. "PGlabel" parameter now can be specified via argument.

2021-Feb-8: Version 2.0.7. Point group now can be directly specified by "PGlabel" parameter in settings.ini. See manual for supported point group labels.

2021-Feb-4: Version 2.0.6. Fixed a bug: U, H, G are shown as NaN when temperature is set to 0.

2020-Sep-30: Version 2.0.5. Fixed a bug: Rotational symmetry number of molecules of Th point group cannot be assigned.

2020-Sep-20: Version 2.0.4.
Bug Fixed: (1) Rotation contribution is wrong for single atom system in rare cases. (2) In the printed information, the negative sign of -TS term is missing.
Section 3.8 has been added to manual to show how to use shell script to invoke Shermo to deal with a batch of files.

2020-Jul-23: Version 2.0.3. Fixed a bug: Rotation entropy in scan task is incorrect for linear molecule

2020-Jul-12: Version 2.0.2. Fixed a bug: Rotation symmetry number cannot be identified for molecule of Td point group

2020-May-20: Version 2.0.1. Fixed the bug of loading frequency scale factor for heat capacity

2020-May-14: Updated version 2.0. Now electronic energy can be directly specified via the "E" parameter, and in the conformation weighted calculation, electronic energies can be directly specified in the list file.

2020-May-12: Initial release of version 2.0

Published papers that utilized Shermo

Shermo has been utilized by more and more computational chemists in their daily research due to its unique value. The following publications have employed and cited Shermo (incomplete list):

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