LICENSE INFORMATION: To download and use Multiwfn, you are required to read and agree the following terms:
(a) Currently Multiwfn is free of charge and open-source for both academic and commerical usages, anyone is allowed to freely distribute the original or their modified Multiwfn codes to others.
(b) Multiwfn can be distributed as a free component of commercial code. Selling modified version of Multiwfn may also be granted, however, obtaining prior consent from the original author of Multiwfn (Tian Lu) is needed.
(c) If Multiwfn is utilized in your work, or your own code incorporated any part of Multiwfn code, at least the original paper of Multiwfn MUST BE cited in main text of your work or code:
Tian Lu, Feiwu Chen, J. Comput. Chem., 33, 580-592 (2012)
(d) There is no warranty of correctness of the results produced by Multiwfn, the author of Multiwfn does not hold responsibility in any way for any consequences arising from the use of the Multiwfn.

Whenever possible, please mention and cite Multiwfn in main text rather than in supplemental information, otherwise not only Multiwfn will be difficult for readers to notice, but also the paper will not be included in citation statistics.

郑重提示:在研究文章里恰当引用研究中使用的所有学术程序是最基本的学术规范和道德。最合理的引用Multiwfn的方法见Multiwfn可执行文件包里的How to cite Multiwfn.pdf文档。如果使用了Multiwfn(包括其中任何功能)的文章中甚至连上面红字提到的这篇Multiwfn原文都没在文章正文里引用的话,一经发现,作者会被列入黑名单,并禁止在未来使用Multiwfn。给实验组做代算时也必须明确告知对方需要在文章中对Multiwfn进行正确引用。

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Development version: 3.8(dev)  Last update: 2024-Jul-13

郑重强调:这叫3.8(dev),绝对不要在网上提问时管这叫3.8。3.8(dev)更新得超级频繁,所以在网上提问的时候不要光说3.8(dev),而必须始终把Multiwfn启动后显示的last update的日期报出来

Latest formal version: 3.7  Release date: 2020-Aug-14
(DO NOT use this currently, it is already quite old and no longer maintained! 强烈不建议安装此老掉牙的版本!)

All historical versions of Multiwfn can be downloaded via this link.

Citing Multiwfn

This original paper of Multiwfn must be cited if Multiwfn is used in your work:

Tian Lu, Feiwu Chen, Multiwfn: A multifunctional wavefunction analyzer, J. Comput. Chem., 33, 580-592 (2012)

In addition, simultaneously citing my relevant papers, as shown in the "How to cite Multiwfn.pdf" document in Multiwfn binary package, is highly recommended and appreciated when corresponding analysis or function of Multiwfn is involved in your study.