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Development version: 3.5(dev)


Latest formal version: 3.4.1  Release date: 2017-Nov-1

To download older versions, please access this netdisk link:

gMultiwfn ( This is an unoffical linux version of Multiwfn noGUI version, it is currently maintained by a Multiwfn user stecue. This version may be not as efficient and stable as official version, but can be installed via a simple yum command and be compiled via gfortran.

Citing Multiwfn

This original paper of Multiwfn must be cited if Multiwfn is used in your work:

Tian Lu, Feiwu Chen, J. Comput. Chem., 33, 580-592 (2012)

In addition, simultaneously citing my related works, as shown below, is highly recommended when corresponding function of Multiwfn is involved in your study: